April 16, 2012
Best Omegle I’ve ever had.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Question to discuss:
Sex talk only`

Stranger: Sex

You: sex

Stranger: Sexy sex sex sex

You: sex

Stranger: Sexxxx

You: sexy sexing sex sex

You: seeeeeexxxx

Stranger: Sexer sexity sexy sex

Stranger: I just came

Stranger: Was it good for you!

You: oh, oh OH GOD!!

Stranger: ?

You: me too….

Stranger: You got it in my eye dude!

You: that was amazing

You: OH, shit… sorry…

Stranger: That shit DOES burn

You: What do i need to do?!

Stranger: Great, now ill have pink eye

You: i didnt mean to….

Stranger: Just shoot your load somewhere else…jesus!

Stranger: Look…mines on tge floor!

You: …..do you still love me?

Stranger: I was using you

You: You bitch…

Stranger: You fag

You: Am not!!!!

Stranger: Are too

You: It was ONCE and I was DRUNK!!!


Stranger: Yeah, but to take it up the hershey highway?

Stranger: I mean a blowjob…ok

Stranger: But to bottom? Thats more than curiosity

You: Thats not even what happened! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING BEOPLE?!

Stranger: The truth…i have pics

Stranger: Your mom cried and cried…


Stranger: Come to think of it, so did your dad

Stranger: Then he took the pics in the bathroom

You: You, killed my father…..

Stranger: He was in there for some time

Stranger: No…i AM your father


Stranger: Come with me to the gay side

Stranger: We will rule the leather bar as father and son

You: I’ll never join you!

Stranger: We have cookies!

Stranger: An excellent 491k

You: ….What kind?

Stranger: Dental…medical…

Stranger: Five personal days and two weejs starting vacay

Stranger: Theyre…theyre like tagalogs

You: That doesnt sound quite so bad

Stranger: Quite good actually

Stranger: Really…its a cush deal

You: Tag a longs?! FUCK YEAH!!!

Stranger: Plus ill show you the force choke trick

You: Cush? you have that too?

Stranger: You havent lived til youve given rebel scum a handjob from across tge room with it

Stranger: I meant cushy…we DO drug test you know

You: IFf thats wrong, then I dont want to be right!

Stranger: But i mean if you sparked up this weekend…we can have boba fett pee in the cup for you

Stranger: Hes SOOOOO fucking straight edge…god

You: I think that would suffice

Stranger: Every time we party he just cant shut his piehole

You: What a dick bag

Stranger: Oh i know

Stranger: By the way…you didnt mess around with the princess did you?

You: Uhm… I mean, a little undershirt, over bra action… nothing serious. why?

Stranger: Ohhh…wow…scratches the bavk of my helmet…

Stranger: This is awkward

You: What… What?…WHATS WRONG?!

Stranger: Ummm…shes your sister

Stranger: Shrugs…sorry

You: Oh….Dude…. Im from Alabama. No big

Stranger: Ohhhh son. Ive failed you

You: You left me wsith Uncle Owen! Of course you failed me!

Stranger: cmon…its cookie time. Then we get out the mats and its naptime in the shuttle bay

Stranger: Now the milk with the cookies is blue…hope that doesnt weird you out

You: Hell Yeah.

Stranger: Owen LOVED that fucking blue milk. I always thought it tasted lije bantha piss but hey…to each his own

You: Nah it doesnt really but I mea…..wait a second. You drink bantha piss?

Stranger: Ummmmmmm……

Stranger: No

You: Fatther. No.

Stranger: Ummm…i was in a frat

Stranger: Ever play ookie cookie luke?

You: THAAAAAATS whats in Natty Light….

You: No…?

Stranger: The emperor will show you. You have much to learn….

Stranger: And SCENE!

Stranger: Give yourself a hand!

You: Hey, we did pretty good!

Stranger: We did!

Stranger: Good thing were of the same sex. This would have devo

Stranger: Devolved quickly

You: Exactly. I’m saving this link

Stranger: Bows to the floor

Stranger: BRILLIANT!

You: You sir, are a genius

Stranger: ACTING!

Stranger: Im only as good as my partner

Stranger: Come here ya big galoot! Holds out arms

You: That was an excellent compliment reversal

You: Manly Embrace

Stranger: Big bear hug

Stranger: MAYBE a little tongue

Stranger: Just for spice

You: No….there was no tongue…

Stranger: Good…cause really, im straight

You: As am I.

Stranger: Huzzah!

You: I have a girlfriend… She can’t know…

Stranger: Our secret

You: Sealed

Stranger: Wait…she cant know shes your girlfriend?

Stranger: Well…good luck and happy hunting!

You: no…. she cant know about Stanzas 1 thru 25

Stranger: Vaya con dios muchacho!

You: I…. I dont… I don’t know what that means….

Stranger: Go with god my friend

Stranger: Mounts my horse

Stranger: By which i mean i get on his back

You: Thank you. Maybe we’ll meet again one day.

Stranger: Leaves a silver bullet in your hand

Stranger: The william tell overture behins to play

You: I hope this isnt foreshaddowing….


Stranger: VER!


You: No…

You: WAIT!!!

Stranger: Whattttt?

Stranger: God…youre so fucking needy!


Stranger: Ummm…its what i do

Stranger: Im the lone fucking ranger

Stranger: I swear…you kids

You: Oh…Alright. I was just making sure there werent any werewolves….

You: Happy Trails!

Stranger: Howl in the distance

Stranger: Werewolf?

You: Damn….

Stranger: There wolf! There castle!

You: I only have one bullet…

Stranger: Better aim well kid

Your conversational partner has disconnected.